30 Days of Writing

I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was 15 years old. My grandfather had died, and in his bible my family found a poem he had written. Up until that point, I thought I was alone in keeping my five-subject notebook of sappy love poems and verses of teenage angst. Granted, he... Continue Reading →


30 Days of…

Previously on Sappy Chick: I made this long-ass post about losing 18 pounds in my first 30 days of keto. What followed: Long story short, I lost 36 pounds total as of January, and then fell off the keto wagon. Then I got back on. Then I fell off again. I was still going to... Continue Reading →

Sappy Chick Loses Weight Part 2: Keto Boogaloo

"Starting over means you haven't yet given up." Ever since almost dying a year ago, I've tried in earnest to get back to the routine that helped me lose 40 pounds three years ago. I've had flashes of inspiration, but a nagging lack of motivation that has piled all that weight plus some back on,... Continue Reading →

Dear Dr. Fat-Shaming Cardiologist

Almost a year has passed since you visited me as I laid in the CCU at Greenville Memorial Hospital. Five days after admittance and barely a day off the ventilator, I had overcome a mountain of odds that said I might not ever wake up or that if I did, I might have significant brain... Continue Reading →

The Woman Who Came Back to Life

I've had this fear of being in a car accident and waking up days later in the hospital with no memory what happened other than getting out of bed the morning it happened. How weird would that feel? Would I be scared or relieved that I couldn't remember the harrowing events of a wreck that... Continue Reading →

Two Years

In high school and college, I spent hours honing my ability to craft good introductions for my papers. I love finding the perfect first line for anything — essay, article, short story, blog post. However, I have found no good way to introduce the fact that Dad died two years ago today. You try to... Continue Reading →

Saturdays with Nanny: You’re Embarrassing Your Mother Edition

After listening to two of her daughters teasing each other while checking out at Goody's... Nanny (to the cashier): I didn't raise them this way.

Saturdays with Nanny: I Can’t Drive 55 Edition

Mom: It seems like since I've gotten this CR-V I don't drive as fast as I used to. I mean, in my Camry sometimes I'd look down and I'd be flying down the interstate. But right now, here I am going 50 in a 55. (Looks at Nanny) Or is that just me getting old?... Continue Reading →

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