What’s Wrong with Your Own Face?

MTV has had their disturbing documentary/reality show “I Want a Famous Face” for a couple of seasons, and I had to admit I’ve watched it (except for the graphic surgery scenes). It’s not that I think it’s actuallly entertaining. I think I’m trying to find some sort of explanation as to the motivation of these young people who are so obssessed with celebrities looks that they will spend thousands of dollars to look like them.

On a recent episode, a 24-year-old woman who did resemble Tiffiani Thiessen decided that she wanted to look more like her by getting breast implants, a little bit of liposuction (because the gym was quite doing the job she wanted) and a slight nose job might have been involved. So, not only is this woman paying all this money to look like someone else, she wants to pattern her future career after Tiffani Thiessen’s. Let’s take a moment to examine that vast body of work. We could probably say that the highlights were her roles on “Saved by the Bell” and “Beverly Hills 90210.”

Needless to say, this episode had me unsettled not only for the subject’s lack of contentment with her own appearance, but also for her ambition to gain the career of a C-list (okay, maybe B-) star. In the end, she had photos taken to send to Playboy. They didn’t turn out the way she liked, so she didn’t send them. After shelling out the money and putting up with the pain, she still wasn’t satisfied. Of course, how could she when she couldn’t accept herself the way she was before surgery?


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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