I’m an Addict

As I was eating lunch today, the second time this week I’ve eaten from this place, I realized that I’m addicted to this place. Hi, my name is Carla, and I’m an addict. I know that the first step in getting help is admitting I have a problem, but even though I’ve admitted it, I’m not sure I want help for these vices:

1) Moe’s Southwest Grill – I’ve been going twice a week for the past month. I’m a sucker for the John Coctostan quesadilla with a side of chipotle ranch. And I throw in some Kaiser salsa and queso dip with their tri-colored chips. Yum

2) Bath and Body Works – This addiction is currently under control because I have an adequate supply of Blue Lavender Palmerosa bubble bath and Cherry Blossom shower gel. However, if I stray inside during a visit to the mall, I can drop $50 in no time thanks to those pesky Buy 3, Get 1 Free specials.

3) Alias – I’m currently going through withdrawals right now because the fourth season is over, but I’m chomping at the bit to find out what Michael Vaughn’s real name is. I’m regularly checking spoiler sites and member boards for inside info. It’s pretty sad.

4) iTunes – “Oh, but it’s so cool because you don’t have to buy the whole album – just the songs you want.” Sure, great, but then you want 50 MILLION FREAKIN’ SONGS!

5) The weather – I check the local National Weather Service site multiple times each day, especially during hurricane season. why? I don’t know. Greenville is 200 miles from the coast, but I’m totally fascinated by the weather. I’ll even click on the local doppler and then click on the arrows to look at doppler all over the US. I know. Insane.

So these are the major addictions that I have. There are other vices of course, but the ones above are the ones that can really get me into trouble!


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