Some Things About Me (Some You May Not Wanna Know)

1) I wrote my first poem in fifth grade about the city of Simpsonville. In sixth grade, I started keeping a five-subject, spiral notebook for my poems. Let me tell ya, a lot of them are NOT pretty. You’d need some strong wine to go with all that cheese.

2) I have my father’s temper and my mother’s tendency to cry when she’s mad, which basically means that I’ll never be intimidating. Ever.

3) I have two black hairs that grow out of the same follicle on my right boob. I know; it’s disconcerting. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what I ingested that caused them to grow there.

4) A cosmopolitan is my drink of choice, although if I’m at a Mexican restaurant I always get a Margarita, and no, I don’t drink cosmos because of “Sex in the City,” even though it’s one of my favorite shows. I drink them because they’re quite tasty. Anything with amaretto is quite nice as well. I also like Long Island Iced tea, and if I’m lucky enough to be somewhere that has Woodchuck Amber cider on tap, you’d better believe I’m having a pint. Hmm, perhaps I should stop listing drinks now…

5) Along those lines, I’m a silly drunk. I just sit back and stay relatively quiet and giggle. People seem quite amused by it.

6) I don’t drink any hot beverages when the temperature is above 55 degrees. Similarly, I can’t stand eating chili during the summer, and I don’t really care for salads in the winter. Is that weird?

7) My top five male celebrities: 5 – Christian Bale (Thank you, Batman Begins) 4 – Hugh Jackman 3 – John Cusak 2 – Michael Vartan 1 – (but only by the skin of that awesome southern accent) Matthew McConaughey

8) I love throwing parties. I almost always have one at Christmas, and I’ll start planning two months in advance – who to invite, what to fix, how to decorate. Yes, I’m that anal, so shut up.

9) I sleep with three pillows (not including my husband 🙂 ) a standard one for my head, a king-size one to curl up with and another standard between my knees. No perverted comments, please.

10) I have my hair colored every three months because I’m about one-quarter gray, and at 33, I just don’t wanna go there yet.

11) I’m a grad-school dropout.

12) The summer between my 5th and 6th grade year in school, my family got a VCR. (If you think that was late, I was in college before we got cable.) Every day that summer, my brother and I watched a tape that had one of the Herbie movies and an edited-for-TV version of Animal House.

13) I met my husband at work, and we still work together. Yeah, I’m crazy.

14) I had two bad experiences with college roommates – the one from freshman year stole from me and the one from the first half of my sophmore year read my journal. Kind of ironic that I have this blog now, huh?

More to come as I think of them…


2 thoughts on “Some Things About Me (Some You May Not Wanna Know)

Add yours

  1. Hi Carla,
    Before I met Tarzan, I slept with about 6 pillows, just all around me. I loved it!
    Do you like to make things for Christmas? I like to make giftbags with homemade marshmallows, soap, hot chocolate mix & not sure what I’ll add this year. Thats probably my favorite part of Christmas.
    Enjoyed your blog. Thanks for visiting mine.


  2. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for your comments. The party thing is usually the only thing I do at Christmas. All gifts are storebought, seeing as how I have no craft skills whatsoever. But I love getting together with friends and family – the more the merrier!


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