My T-Shirt Slogans

You know what this world needs? More smart-ass T-shirts! As I was lamenting yesterday about what a terrible housekeeper I am, I decided to revolt, and I want to bring all those who are also domestically-challenged with me. Women who lack the motivation to scrub their houses from top to bottom each week, let’s unite! Join me in a new crusade to entertain others with fashionable yet hilarious T-shirts that will let people know we won’t take crap off anyone for our shortcomings. Here are some slogans that I’ve come up with:

“World’s Worst Housekeeper… and proud of it!”

“My House Is So Dirty… My Duster Needs Dusting”

“My House Is So Dirty… The Dust Mites Have Allergies”

“I Took the Queen of Clean’s Crown… and Shoved It Up Her Duster!”

“The Fly Lady? I Swatted Her Last Week”
(For those of you who may not know, The Fly Lady is an extremely cheerful woman who has a Web site devoted to helping women stay organized and keep their homes clean. Check it out at


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