5 Songs I’m Loving… This Week

As you can tell from farther down the sidebar, I bought quite a few songs from iTunes recently. Consequently, several of those songs have made into this week’s top five.

1) “Sing Me Sweet,” Matt Nathanson: Okay, you MUST go to iTunes or your favorite music supplier and BUY THIS ALBUM. It’s very good! Every song on the CD is excellent, but this is the song I was listening to today over and over again.

2) “Streetcorner Symphony,” Rob Thomas: This is another album you must check out. The jam songs, like this one, really rock.

3) “Who We Are,” Hope Partlow: This was a free download from iTunes a few weeks ago. I listened to the snippet, and I wasn’t sure I would like it; it seemed very pop-ish. But, hey, it was free. As it turns out, the song is pretty good, and her voice at times sounds like Olivia Newton-John.

4) “Bad Day,” Daniel Powter: This was free download last week on iTunes. It has great piano work and reminds me a little of “Drops of Jupiter” by Train. I listened to the rest of his album, but I wasn’t as enthused about it as I was this song. That’s what so cool about iTunes – you can buy one song at a time.

5) “The Wheel,” Roseanne Cash: We’re going back a little on this one – back to the early ’90s. Roseanne is like her dad; she doesn’t conform to country’s standards, but her songs are timeless. I liked this song when it first came out, and whenever I heard it I thought, I’ve got to get that album. But I just always forgot about it. One night I was watching TV, and I heard a much different version of this song on a car commercial (which, by the way, Roseanne, did you need money that badly?). So, I got on (you guessed it) iTunes and bought it. Favorite line: The truth moves through us even as we sleep.


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