If You Love Someone, Set Them Free…

So my husband informed me this morning that he was going to have to leave me…

for Jenny McCarthy.

You see, with the Playboy model, and star of multiple TV series cancelled within the first few episodes, returning to singledom, he said he just couldn’t stand by and let her slip away – especially after refraining from persuing Nicole Kidman once she left the Scientologist Freak formerly known as Tom Cruise.

So after composing myself from the hysterics (which could have been construed as laughter), I told him to go ahead and “hit that.” After all, who am I to stand in the way of a love that’s surely meant to be.

And now… if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to buy a plane ticket for LA so I can track down Michael Vartan.


8 thoughts on “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free…

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  1. you’re so going to rue this day…you’ll turn on entertainment tonight and there i’ll be, arm in arm with my new fiancee jenny mccarthy. i’ll turn to the camera and mouth the words “eat me carla!”

    oh we’re talking about severe rue-ing here…rue-ing of near biblical proportions.

    victory will be mine!


  2. oh dear me, why must you always make me feel sooo old? i know who jenny mccarthy, nicole kidman and tom cruise are. but WHO is michael vartan? i like the hysterical laughter! perhaps you should send your hubby off with a packet of viagra or two….just so he can have an extra long last memory.


  3. COURTNEY said:

    On the bright side, I know who both Jenny McCarthy AND Michael Vartan is (though I liked him from “Never Been Kissed” before the whole “Alias” craze). And please, remind your darling husband of the ever-so-classy Candies advertisements his future wife made where she sat on a toilet with her pants down showing off her shoes. I can see why he wants her so badly. Who wouldn’t?


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