I Love the ’80s… Haiku Version

One of my regular reads, Sarcomical, has a Half-Week Haiku usually every Wednesday. This week’s topic was those fashion faux pas that happened during our teenage years, which for many of those who commented sounded as if they happened during the ’80s. I know mine did anyway. I was on a roll and put three up in my comment, and I thought I’d also share them here with you:

Big bow in my hair
and fluourescent lime-green shirt –
but I was thirteen!


Aching for blond hair,
I tried Sun-In solution –
my hair turned orange.


Teased curls, thick makeup,
rubber bracelets up my arm –
just like Madonna!


2 thoughts on “I Love the ’80s… Haiku Version

Add yours

  1. LOL! Too funny! When I was little we SO got called by our first and middle names ALL of the time! My mom was like, Sydney Karen! But the funniest thing was my grandmother could never remember our names. She’d just run through the list, Sydney, Krista, Walter, Michael! (Yeah, gender didn’t matter apparently – and by the way, my little baby sister – now 22 – is Michael). Anyway, now my mom does the SAME thing. She can never remember who she’s talking to.

    I just have one kid so whatever happens, its ALWAYS him! Poor guy, lol


  2. Oh yeah, on the hair thing? Mine has been blonde, red and black. I even shaved striped in the side once. Taking it from black to white was the biggest mistake I made. It really DOES turn orange then! LOL


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