My Top Five Songs of All Time

So I’ve neglected my “5 Songs I’m Loving… This Week” for the past two weeks, but don’t fear; I’m back this week with a double BONUS edition! You’ll get my five favorite songs of ALL time – well, at least 33 years – my five LEAST favorite songs of all time PLUS my top five for this week. You’re so lucky, and you don’t even know it!

Yeah, yeah… I know all nine of you are waiting and about to explode with anticipation, so we’ll get started with the top five of all time – in no particular order because again, I just couldn’t choose!

1) “Drops of Jupiter,” Train – They had me at the first few piano chords.

2) “Crazy,” Patsy Cline – That woman could put heartache in a song like no one else.

3) “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” Jane Monheit – I love the song with almost anyone singing it, but her interpretation is simply beautiful. She has one of the purest – if not THE purest – voices I’ve ever heard.

4) “Your Song,” Elton John – Because who wouldn’t want to make someone else’s life wonderful by just being in their world?

5) “The Island Song,” Edwin McCain – I’ve got every one of his CDs, and while he writes almost every song he puts on his albums, this song, oddly enough, wasn’t written by him. But it’s still awesome anyway.


10 thoughts on “My Top Five Songs of All Time

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  1. Train – Drops Of Jupiter.

    this song is amazing…I’ll agree the piano chords are amazing. i love them. coming from a piano player myself, that’s not what got me hooked on this song.

    i reckon it has more to do with how i can relate to the meaning behind/in the song. and i reckon alot of people out there can.

    i’m actually listening to it right now. its one good one.


  2. Drops of Jupiter is my all-time favorite too. I have a whole heartbreaking story that I won’t bore you with that goes with it. Suffice it to say that I agree, it’s the best written song ever played.



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