5 Songs I’m Loving… This Week

1) How Do You Keep Love Alive, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics: She runs through my veins like a long, black river and rattles my cage like a thunderstorm. I literally stopped what I was doing when I heard that sentence.

2) Sooner or Later, Michael Tolcher – Nice rock/pop music and some cool lyrics: Sooner or later we’ll be looking back on everything, and we’ll laugh about it like we knew what was happening. And someday you might listen to what people have to say, but now you learn the hard way.

3) Cool, Gwen Stefani – I love that ’80s pop sound. Some people I know didn’t like her solo album, but for the most part I thought it was… well, cool. Shut up.

4) Breakdown, Jack Johnson – Okay, you’re gonna be dealing with Jack Johnson songs for a couple of weeks more because I. Love. This. Album.

5) Wild Horses, The Sundays – That’s right, I’ll just dive back into the early ’90s without any warning. I’m crazy like that.

And just another warning: If you’re tired of seeing Jack Johnson in my countdown, just wait. I bought and downloaded the Antigone Rising album from iTunes tonight, and I’ve got a feeling that those songs will also be popping up here beginning next week!


3 thoughts on “5 Songs I’m Loving… This Week

Add yours

  1. For some reason, I’ve been rather enthusiastic about “Sooner or Later” lately, though it reminds me of an ex-boyfriend. It was also the theme of “Life As We Know It,” which is one of two TV songs you’ve listed, what with “Wild Horses” being on the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” soundtrack and played in “The Prom.” Kudos on both counts.
    ~ Courtney


  2. Okay, wow some NICE TRACKS

    check out Michael Tolcher’s WHOLE ALBUM.

    its incredible.

    Kings In Castles, I Am, Miracle, The Sun Song and the list goes one…He’s so good and so AMAZING LIVE.

    The Sundays version of Wild Horses is absoluetly incredible i must add…

    check out Howie Day too you might enjoy his stuff.

    cheers for now


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