Need a Slogan?

Then you need Sloganizer! I just found this site courtesy of StephBlog, and pardon my ’80s, but it’s totally cool. Hubby didn’t find it all that amusing but I did. Here are some of my favorite suggestions it came up with for “Sappy Chick’s Ramblings”:

– The gods made Sappy Chick’s Ramblings.

– Sappy Chick’s Ramblings – spice up your life.

– Sappy Chick’s Ramblings. The power on your side.

– Sappy Chick’s Ramblings, since 1845.

– One goal, one passion – Sappy Chick’s Ramblings.

– Step into the light with Sappy Chick’s Ramblings.

– The wonder has a name: Sappy Chick’s Ramblings.

– The president buys Sappy Chick’s Ramblings.

– Sappy Chick’s Ramblingsrific

– Who wouldn’t fight for Sappy Chick’s Ramblings?

– Sappy Chick’s Ramblings empowers you.

– Sappy Chick’s Ramblings after a hard day.

– Sappy Chick’s Ramblings on the outside, tasty on the inside.


5 thoughts on “Need a Slogan?

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  1. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and have to say, I love the way you write. You are extrememly talented!! I am struggling through an online English Comp course and only wish I could write 1/2 as well as you do!! LOL
    Good luck with your surgery, let Rob and I know if you need anything.

    Take care,
    Michele Young


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