You Know What? I Don’t Feel Sorry for You

I was watching the news reports about Hurricane Rita, and Galveston officials were saying that 95% of the people on the island have evacuated. Thank God! Then they show 20 senior citizens in this retirement home who are refusing to leave, and this woman says to the camera, “This building isn’t going to collapse!”

Lady, I don’t feel sorry for you. Really, I don’t. If you want to be that stupid and stay there, you’ll get what you get. I bet the people in that apartment building in Mississippi thought their building wouldn’t come down either, but it did. Thirty people died because they didn’t leave. After all the images on TV over the past weeks these idiots decided to stay. They won’t get an ounce of pity out of me.


4 thoughts on “You Know What? I Don’t Feel Sorry for You

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  1. Hey Carla! Thanks for posting over on my blog. I completely agree. People staying and ‘toughing it out’ during Rita are lunatics. What bothers me more is if something does happen, rescuers will be sent in to risk their lives for these people.

    As an aside, Bradley Cooper may be on a few eps of Alias this year if they can work around his shooting schedule! Can’t wait! :o)


  2. Stupid? yes. But i think there might be a lack of understanding here:

    Elederly people have a very hard time with adjustment. moving out, isnt just moving out for them…its traumatizing. some of them maybe dont even realise the repercussions of the building falling, who knows. I personally wouldnt think of them as idiots. my 2 cents.



  3. nope, i gotta go with idiots. yes i agree it can be traumatic being uprooted and shipped out…but so could having your roof ripped off and your home then filled up like a coffee cup while you watch all you own, all you know and everything you’ve ever done be destroyed, including yourself….

    no one wants to leave thier homes, but it’s the safest bet.

    if the choice are leaving and being traumatized but warm and alive, or massive gory trauma/death of an unimaginable kind, the intelligent ones will pick the former.


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