Just Some Observations… From Entirely Too Much TV

1) I watched Ellen today, which I’m totally going to miss when I go back to work on Monday 😦 , and she had the INXS with the new lead singer, JD. Mmmkay, I don’t get it. I realize I didn’t watch the show but this guy just seems like a Hutchence wannabe. He mumbled the words in order to get his voice to match Hutchence’s style.

2) How long has the Maury Povich Show been on? At least ten years right? Can someone tell me WHY HE STILL HAS THE EXACT SAME TOPICS OVER AND OVER AGAIN? I flipped through the channels yesterday, and there he was with a bunch of people dressed up as women, and he was asking audience members which ones were women. Today as I’m flipping through channels, he’s got teenage girls finding out who the fathers of their babies are. These are the same freaking shows he’s had for years!

3) Just once, I’d like to see one of MTV’s Super Sweet 16 shows go totally wrong for the birthday girl/boy. Rich little brats.

4) I can’t believe I used to watch soap operas, and occasionally they’d make me cry. I was old enough to know better. I was in college for crying out loud, but I drew the line when Marlena got possessed by the devil on Days of Our Lives. These shows are horrible!

5) And one observation not from TV: Surgery really takes a lot out of you. Today, my stir craziness (not just craziness… shut up) got the best of me, and I drove over to my mom’s office to take her the large suitcase for her and dad to borrow on their big trip to Branson with the church group (yes, that would be senior adults group). Then I went to the bank and the grocery store, and I came home and virtually collapsed on the couch while sighing, “Damn!”


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