Hello world!

Well, here I am… I was on Blogger, but now I’m here, thanks to my blogging buddy, Mr. David W. Boles, MFA at UrbanSemiotic.com. However, I’m not taking that site down yet, because I still haven’t figured stuff out here – like putting links in the post box and why when I type apostrophes or hyphens the text blinker jumps back to the last word with that sort of punctuation.

But I’m here… as of right now.
UPDATE: Mr. Boles helped me out (Thanks, David ), so I have kept a last little bit of my non-practicing Southern Baptist religion and found that I have to use Firefox for posting here instead of Safari.

19 thoughts on “Hello world!

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  1. Hello Carla –
    I just found your blog and started reading it yesterday. I was not sure where to post this so I hope you will excuse me for going back to the beginning to post this since it seemed to be the most appropriate and On Message location. We probably need to have a place on all of our blogs for off topic posts.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to reading more of your wonderful writing and I thought that your About page was one of the best and funniest I have ever read!
    Keep up the great work and I will keep on reading it!
    Dewayne Mikkelson


  2. Thanks Dewayne! I appreciate the compliment! 😀

    It’s sort of funny… The stuff I write about me I tend to make humorous, but my fiction writing is always so serious. I’m not sure exactly what that says about me. 😕

    It’s good to have you as a reader. Glad you enjoyed it!


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