“Lost” Quote of the Week

After digging a bullet out of his shoulder, Sawyer to Michael: “You got a Band-Aid?”



7 thoughts on ““Lost” Quote of the Week

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  1. Oh, you must find a way to see it… VCR, TiVo, something! It’s excellent, although Alias is my fave JJ Abrams creation. You’ll probably see an Alias quote tomorrow night.


  2. i wanted to move to word press but i couldn’t transfer all my old blog entries over without having to do so much work to adjust the code and bla bla bla…

    word press’ ability to categorize your entries and more options on the templates is amazing.

    i had my template all ready to go and everything….shitty deal…


  3. Muse – Last season only my Wednesday nights were taken up – I’d watch Lost at 8:00 and Alias at 9:00. But this season, I like Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential on Monday nights. My Name Is Earl and The Office on Tuesday nights, Lost on Wednesday nights, and Alias on Thursday nights. Granted, it’s only an hour each night, but when I was watching virtually nothing I got a lot more writing done!

    Calogero – That is a bummer. I thought about reposting my entries from my old blog, but I didn’t want to go through the work either. I might do it a little at a time.


  4. And Cinlach… if you’re talking Firefly, my fave quote is “This guy’s looking to kill some people, so if I were you, I’d be more concerned with thwarting his will.”


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