Just Some Observations…

Sorry about the stream of consciousness thing I had going earlier today, but here are some more organized thoughts I’ve had this afternooon.

1 — I would love to meet the person who had the idea to make stretch clothing, and I don’t mean the spandex stuff that shows every physical defect on your body. I’m talking the spandex that’s woven into blue jeans and twill pants and cotton shirts, giving them that subtle but oh so orgasmically comfortable fit that doesn’t constrict or bind. It moves with me. Seriously, is there some sort of presidential medal that we can award this person or people? Congress isn’t doing anything that important right now, can’t they set aside some sort of day, week or month to honor the inventor of stretch clothing. I gotta look up my representative.

2 — Another invention I love… my iPod. Even though I have only 1,000 of the 5,000 songs that could fit on it, I totally love having my own personal music program. I AM my own DJ, and boy do I raaaawwwwk!

3 — I really need to watch more of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It is just so damn smart and funny, and on tonight’s rerun that came on at 8:00 pm, he had Viggo Mortenson as a guest, who showed up in quite the spiffy suit… MRAAAAAWR!

4 — Our dog is such a diva. When she comes in the bedroom to retire for the evening, she lays on her side with her back up agains the bottom of the bed and with her head under the bed — as if the light from the piddly little lamp on the other side of the bed is distracting her sleep. Spoiled. Rotten.

5 — Perhaps it’s a phobia an insecurity left over from my childhood, but I hate seeing people whispering, especially if I’m not friends with them. It’s not that I think they’re talking about me. (because I’m totally sure that they’re not. I mean, I haven’t done anything that would make someone talk about me behind my back, right? I said, RIGHT?) But people who constantly do the whispering thing get on my nerves. It just smacks of arrogance — like they have so much more priviledged knowledge than the rest of us.


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