Tea Snatcher!

So I’m sitting at the Carside-to-Go parking spot at Applebees’ at lunchtime today, and there’s a woman in an SUV next to me. A girl brings our orders at the same time, and when she hands mine to me, she says, “Oh, you had a tea. I’ll bring it out with your receipt.” The woman in the SUV and I both paid with credit/debit cards, and a different woman came out with our receipts, carrying my tea. She goes to the SUV woman first, handing her the receipt and then the tea. The woman takes it, so I think to myself, “Oh, well I guess she’ll have to go back and get my tea.” But that wasn’t quite the case. The Applebees’ woman turns and hands my receipt through the passenger side window, and I ask about my tea. “Oh, she says, “the other girl didn’t specify which car had the tea.” She turns and says something to SUV woman who snips, “Well, I don’t know what she ordered.” But YOU DID KNOW that you DIDN’T order a tea, right?

She hands the tea back to the Applebees’ server who gives it to me. As SUV woman was driving off, the server mentions again that she had just gone on shift and “they” gave her the receipts and tea to take to us. I assured her I had no problem with her and said, “But she was going to keep that tea. I do believe.”

The waitress laughed, “Looks like she would have.”

Honestly, the nerve of some people! I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but sometimes I just can’t help my shock at what people do.


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