Who Is This Man?!

Tonight we had dinner with my parents and my brother and his girlfriend for my mom’s birthday, which was actually this past Wednesday, but you know how getting the whole familial unit together can be. So after the meal was over and we were all making conversation, we were discussing practical joking and scaring people, and my dad proceeds to tell us about how when he was a teenager (we’re talking late ’50s), he rigged two copper wires in the passenger seat of his car and connected them to a switch on the side of his seat. He could flip this switch, and it would shock the person in the passenger seat. Heh.

We were laughing yet shocked (pardon the pun) at his devious but somewhat mean plan. He told us about how one of his friends got out of the car when he shocked him and wouldn’t get back in. “Well, I don’t blame him,” my mom said. Then my dad told us how one kid kept talking trash to another friend of his so he told his friend to tell the guy to get in the car so he could talk to him. My dad said he got the kid talking and got him calmed down, then hit the switch several times. I know it sounds awful, but it was still so funny to hear him tell it. He said the kid hit his head twice on the top of the car before he actually got out.

I think what was even more surprising about the whole thing is that my mom remarked how even she had never heard him tell that story, and my dad said that he supposed he’d never told us. “There are a lot of things I used to do in those days that I guess I haven’t told y’all,” he said. He went on to admit that he put a similar device in his shirt pocket and ran the wires to his hand to shock people when he shook their hands.

Should I be worried about this? I mean, my dad creating his own electric chair in his car as a teenager, and that’s not even half the story! Good lord, who is this man?

Of course, if you think I’m worried, ask my husband about it! ๐Ÿ˜€


6 thoughts on “Who Is This Man?!

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  1. As a dad there is a great deal my kiddos don’t know about me, and may not want to know.

    As they grow older they hear a few new stories.

    But as the t-shirt says, ” The older I get, the better I was.”




  2. Well, you just learned something about your father. He was a funny guy in his younger years. I was visualizing all the people in his car and him electricuting them. Too funny. I like your father…hehehe.


  3. Yeah, he is definitely a hoot, but he’s also someone you don’t realize is funny until you start talking to him. He sort of lays back and surveys his surroundings, so he doesn’t automatically come across as being funny. My mother constantly hears, “I didn’t know your husband was so funny.”


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