For the Love of All That’s Holy! Stop the Celebreality!

It’s not enough that VH1 now has a THIRD installment of I Love the ’80s going on right now. Don’t get me wrong; the ’80s were a pivotal time in my development, and I loved those years dearly. BUT COME ON! Quit biding your time until the ’00s are over! You so know that on New Year’s Day 2010, I Love the ’00s will premiere.

As with most of VH1s entertainment, when they find something they think works, they have to RUN IT IN THE GROUND! Case in point, Celebreality. As I’m watching I Love the ’80s 3D: 1984, they have a commercial for But Can They Sing? Now, I’ve seen a couple of these commercials, but this one had more of the celebrities who’ll be performing. Let’s go over some of those on the list: Joe Pantoliano, Morgan Fairchild, Carmine Gotti, Bai Ling, and Antonio Sabato Jr. WTF?!?!?!

I want to smack Joe upside his head for agreeing to do this. Morgan Fairchild, isn’t it enough that we have to endure those God-forsaken Old Navy commercials (especially now that holiday season began two weeks ago and we’ll be tortured for the next two months with 30-second spots that make me want to put my Smith & Wesson in my mouth and pull the trigger)? Bai Ling… Well, the only thing I saw her in was Anna and the King, and she lost her head (literally) in that one. But she should be ashamed of herself. Carmine Gotti? Well, I suppose no one wanted a horse head in their bed, so he got on. And Antonio Sabato Jr.? Was John Stamos not available?

It’s bad enough having to see nobodys fight on camera for their 15 minutes of fame. It’s just pathetic to see other celebrities fight to get their total to a half-hour.


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