Perhaps I Should Ask the Magic 8 Ball

Tonight’s fortune from my favorite Chinese restaurant: “A romantic mystery will soon add interest to your life.”

Hubby wasn’t too concerned about that, though. His said, “Pray for what you want, but work for what you need.” Mmmmrrrrright.

But the funniest fortune I ever found in a cookie said, “You like sunshine and fresh air.” Good thing I’m not a vampire.

I hope the two couples with two small children at the table next to us got a fortune that read: “Keeping your children from squealing at the top of their lungs will bring you great joy in life.”


9 thoughts on “Perhaps I Should Ask the Magic 8 Ball

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  1. I have 5 kids, and it OTHER people’s kids that keep me from going out to eat – my most commonly used words in public places where kids are screaming are,”Oh smack’em again!!! and harder this time!”


  2. What really got me was that the parents thought the sqealing was CUTE! They just laughed every time it happened. And this resturant has wooden tables and hardwood floors, so everything just echooooooes! 👿


  3. LMAO! You’re purty funny Carla. Man, I had to quit taking Dylan to movies and restaurants for several years when he was younger. Not because he would scream but because he wanted to run around. He ALWAYS wanted to run around. He was not one to be penned into a high chair or to sit at the table. So we did a lot of take out. LOL


  4. Well, thanks for the compliment. 😳

    And thanks for finding a solution for the situation instead of letting your child run and scream wildly! 😀 I applaud you!


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