Will Somone PLEASE Pay Sylvester Stallone’s Mortgage?

Not that I intend to see the next Rocky film he’s planning on doing, but I just saw the headline that he’s planning on also reviving Rambo. It’s not April 1st is it? I mean, I realize the time changes this weekend, but it is October. Would someone pull a Halloween prank like this? How can this happen? Who is authorizing this stuff? The man will be 60 years old next year. 60!

He is no longer a boxer. He is no longer some hulking, shirtless maniac with bullets strapped on his chest. He could be a grandfather, several times over! He might have been nominated for an Oscar for the writing the script for and his performance in Rocky, but he has won multiple Razzies for his work.

Come on. Give it up. Ashton’s out there punking us right?



9 thoughts on “Will Somone PLEASE Pay Sylvester Stallone’s Mortgage?

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  1. Sad when aging actors fail to see what everyone else sees.

    Rocky VI: The Geritol Years
    Rambo IV: First Heart Attack

    Get over Sly, you’re too old to be tough anymore…time to start doing Made-For-TV and LifeTime Movies.

    Nice blog BTW!


  2. the best thought about the rocky sequels came from mel brooks’ spaceballs

    a news reporter, having just given the on-air announcement of the passing of pizza the hut segues into a movie review for the newest sylvester stallone flick, “Rocky Five…Thousand”. it kills me everytime.

    the only thing rocky balboa would be fighting today would be the incontinence that’s set in after too many hard shots to the kidneys…that and trying not to break a hip as he makes his way down the ramp to the ring.

    any rocky movie that doesn’t end with rocky getting his ass handed to him by some marginally talented washed-up loser will be hollywood on it’s grandest scale.


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