Perhaps I Should Get a Walker

My husband and I were at the mall yesterday so I could get some of sample packs of flavored coffee from Barnie’s (Cool Café Blues and Santa’s White Christmas — yummynummy). When we finally made it to the register, my husband made a comment about Madonna’s “Lucky Star” playing on the Muzak.

“Well, it’s the actual song, so it’s not really Muzak,” I said.

“But at least it isn’t the Star Trek theme,” he said.

“True, but the fact that it’s [Madonna’s song] playing means that we’re old,” I said and laughed.

The girl was done ringing up our purchase and handed me the receipt. As I picked up the bag, I sighed and said, “I have this album on cassette somewhere at home.”

The girl’s eyes softened and she drew out a two-syllable “awww.”

We walked away, and as we rounded the corner, I said, “No, she doesn’t think we’re old at all.”


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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