If My Dog Could Talk…

…she could totally burp the alphabet. This pooch makes Jessica Simpson look couth. She just stepped up into Hubby’s lap — looking all cute and loving the lovin’ — and then she let loose a belch that sounded like a noise that could have come from one of the other worldly characters from Star Wars.

What a good girl… 


2 thoughts on “If My Dog Could Talk…

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  1. Okay, good dog, but how is the writing coming along? 😉

    Oh, and I read the READ THIS, so I suppose I shant submit thirty copies of the same message wondering why it didn’t get through. Shucks. How is a guy supposed to have any fun leaving comments anymore?


  2. Oh… um… erm… well… not so good today. 😳 I watched Episode III on DVD tonight.

    And I suppose you’ll have to find other ways to have fun rather than leaving comments. You’re a guy; you should be able to figure something out. 😉


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