Well-Planned Advice

On weekdays, I get an e-mail from DailyOM.com. It’s a nice little piece of wisdom that sometimes hits the right note for me. Other days it’s a little too new age-y, but today’s letter was well-timed considering the insanity that begins β€” other wise known as National Novel Writing Month. Here’s an excerpt:

Sharing Your Genius
Your Special Gift

Each of us is born with a specific genius that was bestowed upon us so we can do our part to make this world a better place. All of us have a role that we’re uniquely suited for. Imagine our planet without trees, oceans, or clouds. In this same way, when one of us doesn’t develop or use our special gift, a cosmic void takes place.

This unique talent or ability may be hidden from your own sight like a golden treasure buried under shifting sands. Often, we spend so much time dazzled by the talents of others that we can overlook our own gifts. It may even be that our unique ability is something we view negatively. Perhaps we find it difficult concentrating on any one subject for long; meanwhile, others are thrilled by our ability to weave various ideas throughout our conversations. Or, you might think of yourself as “frivolous,” when it’s likely your charming approach to life casts a light of inspiration that others can’t help but follow. It’s important for all of us to try to find our special gift and discover how we can best express it. Ask others to name what they think is your most overlooked talent or character trait. Their answers may change your life.

Things like that are pretty cool. Of course, tonight when I’m staring at a blank document trying to find the words for the opening scene, I’m probably going to feel like a moron.


7 thoughts on “Well-Planned Advice

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  1. Good luck with NaNo.
    I’ve started this morning and wrote half the day’s quota so far, but I think it’s nothing genial, alas nothing the “Sharing Your Genius” talked about…


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