I Am Deeply Disturbed

While looking at my Referers page (thanks to WordPress for getting that back on track this week), I noticed someone found my site by searching for “carla doll” — which is what I called the picture on my “About Sappy Chick” page. It’s just one of those silly .png graphics I created on one of those sites, and hey, if there were ever a doll patterned after me, that is what I’d like her to look like.

It has another little meaning to about a guy I was involved with — but that’s a much longer story.

Anyway, back to the Google search. I thought, “Hm, I wonder what this search brought up.” It was a UK Google search, so I assume whomever searched for this sort of doll lives overseas. But I figured I’d just click on the link and see what comes up.

So my site was third on the list. Not too shabby. Then I notice in horror that the link to my blog shares the page with seven — SEVEN! — links to SEX TOY WEBSITES!

Did you ever see the movie Signs? Do you remember the scene where Joaquin Phoenix’s character first sees one of the aliens on TV and practically leaps out of the chair and looks like he needs to change his underwear? That was my reaction. Here’s my poor “Sappy Chick’s Ramblings” among all sorts of toy names that I refuse to type here because I KNOW that now that I have mentioned sex toys in this post, I’m going to wind up on the search results of even more perverts.

I realize there’s no solution to this, and I’m sure this has happened to many of you out there. The way search engines come up with their results makes it inevitable that anyone’s blog could come up in some weirdo’s quest for some freaky stuff, but this is the first time it’s happened to me.

I suppose after six and a half months or so of blogging, I should be glad I discovered it only once; however, that’s no consolation.


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  1. I’ve had this happen before. Shortly after I started blogging in March, someone found my blog using the search term ‘Han and Leia erotica.’ I had mentioned the characters from the Star Wars series, and the fact they got married in the books later on, and it somehow put erotica to the names. I was amused and disturbed.


  2. Canadian, oh yeah… there oughtta be a law… AGAINST YOU! 😉

    Gina, That is amusing yet disturbing. I know that it happens to all bloggers. Duff from duff’s random musings (on my blogroll) regularly posts about how visitors came to their site by searches. Hers are rather funny as well.


  3. I’d be afraid to find out how I am googled…I can only imagine. I may have to go look now.

    P.S. Sorry Carla how the Hanukkah/Chanukah thing sounded…I’m kind of a snob sorry but it was not meant in a bad way I swear.


  4. Be prepared for what you might find! 😉

    And don’t worry about the holiday thing. I didn’t take it in a bad way. I try to be considerate of others religions/beliefs, etc. (well, as long as they’re not slamming others’ religions/beliefs) so I tend to be overly apologetic if I goof! 😀


  5. After a number of really weird searches led people to my site, I started keeping track. Here are a few of the more disturbing ones that have NOTHING to do with my site:

    show me your thong blog
    i gave head
    infant gender identification
    thong girls camping pictures
    boy raping mother movies pic

    Very disturbing. The funny thing is, I blogged about someone finding my site because of the word “thong” and suddenly the hits using that word expanded to the point where I’m getting several hits a week. Be careful what you blog, I guess. 🙂


  6. David — Well, thanks a lot, you’ve already used the word “whore” for me, so now it’ll show up on a search! 👿

    moenkopi — 😯 Good lord, that last one is just unnerving, but I think no matter what you blog about, some pervert somewhere is going to come across just the right combination to bring up your blog. People just do searches without quotation marks so it picks up those words anywhere in the site.


  7. Internet perverts are so damn industrious!

    Most folks would simply nurse their unusual sexual desires internally…but not internet perverts.

    They’ll do a google search for “naked albino wrestling eskimo she-male submissive sluts” and make the world of internet porn, and their nether regions, a veritable playground of the obscene.

    That’s good old-fashioned perserverance…that’s what that is.


  8. the show me your thong blog?

    even i have managed to avoid that one.

    however, the unnatural obsession with hilary duff’s feet has got to stop….it’s getting old.


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