Moved by Music

To say that I love music just isn’t accurate enough. I live music. My life has its own soundtrack. Case in point, I purchased two songs from iTunes last night that I did more than just listen to in college. I wore out the cassette tape Kenny Loggins’ — Leap of Faith.

I’m pausing here for any laughter to subside. Continue reading once you’ve composed yourself.

It was a purchase I made specifically for one song, but what a song it was — “Conviction of the Heart.” I can still remember driving up and down I-26 back and forth from school to home on the weekends, listening to that cassette in the auxillary player my dad rigged up for me because my trusty ’84 Citation didn’t have a cassette player. I sang that song at the top of my lungs with the windows rolled down, not caring who saw me — this strange girl who looked as if she were bellowing like an injured cat, or maybe Mariah Carey — same difference. (However, I pride myself in having a great singing voice, but it’s not something many people know about me.)

The words of the song are meaningful, but the music has a powerful piano and guitar riff that really drive everything home. And now that I have this song (and even the other one that I liked, but wasn’t moved by as much) back in my rotation, I feel as if a couple of puzzle pieces from my past have clicked into my present. And having that gives me more of a feeling of home… or maybe completion, if that makes any sense at all.

If you live music the way I do, you probably understand.


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