The Genesis of a Story

For me, it starts with “What if?” What if this girl had done this? What if she lived here? What if ______ happened? I swirl it around in my head like I’m mixing a cocktail. How do I make it more intoxicating? How do I make it addictive — for me? Forget the reader. Why do I want to tell the story?

Music usually gets involved. I hear a song and know that it goes with the situation. A scene starts developing. Dialogue crops up… actions… mannerisms. Characters come to life.

Then I have to start writing stuff down. Sometimes it’s an opening scene. Sometimes it’s a conversation that will happen right in the middle. Sometimes I sit down and write the whole thing out just to have some sense of plot, although that happens only with short stories.

I still like where I’m going with the NaNo novel, but I am only 815 words into it. I have started posting it; it’s under “The NaNo Novel” page. I put it there so I can keep it going in one spot, but it may not break into neat sections. I might just post what I’ve got and it’ll end where it ends, even if it leaves ya hangin’. 😉

So feel free to give me feedback, and by “feedback” I mean constructive criticism, not “you suck” comments. If you want to drop me a line, do so here.


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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