Planning a Pilgrimage

I just saw on an assisted living community’s calendar that they take a weekly shopping trip to the Super Target. SUPER? I know of the holiness of the establishment known as Tar-jay, but to have a Super Tar-jay? Who could be so lucky? Why can’t we get one of these in Greenville? Who does someone have to sleep with to make that happen?

I must find out more about this divine mecca. Who has experienced this ritual known as Super Tar-jay? Is it all that is good and holy? Does it make your life complete?

Oh to be able to step foot in that shopping temple.


6 thoughts on “Planning a Pilgrimage

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  1. Oh. My. God. I feel the siren call of the Super Target reverberating in my very marrow.
    I must find and explore this holy land and then I must bring a seed back to Greenville and plant it, that it may grow and fill us all with its earthly delights.


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