I’m Confused

I’m so in the mood for Christmas music today, and I don’t know why. I’ve tried to avoid listening to it, at least until after Thanksgiving, but today it’s like I’m craving it!

I must suppress this from Hubby. He’ll have a smart-ass comment for me. He’s the Grinch, by the way. He hates all the hullaballoo with a passion.


6 thoughts on “I’m Confused

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  1. ahhh, christmas.

    the one time of year when people who normally wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire go out of their way to wish you a “happy holiday”.

    you’re not foolin’ anyone jackass.

    christmas, where we remember the birth of jesus (even though he wasn’t born in december according to theologians) and buy a lot of useless crap.

    remember, if you don’t love christmas the terrorists win!

    i’m going to have to call a resounding “propaganda” on christmas.

    i still love you honey…but the grinch is a second stringer compared to me.


  2. Working the odd jobs at the mall during the holiday season makes me cringe all the remakes of Jingle Bells and White Christmas. I can only play classical sort of X-mas music the week of Christmas. Any earlier and I’m pretty cranky! πŸ™‚


  3. I don’t mind some of the remakes, as long as it stays true to the original. Usually, I start listening to some Christmas music after Thanksgiving.

    But there’s a radio station in my town that starts playing nothing but Christmas music on November 1st. Thankfully, it’s not one I listen to regularly! 😯


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