What I’m Thankful for…

The obligatory personalities: Hubby, Mom, Dad, Brother, Brother’s girlfriend (hopefully future sister-in-law, hee), The In-Laws (better known as Mom-in-Law, Brother-in-Law I, and Brother-in-Law II), all other extended family too numerous to name, and Domino (my dog, for those of you who haven’t read “About Sappy Chick”)

The extended obligatory personalities: My circle of friends (who will be kept annonymous to protect the innocent), my blogging buddy regulars (who, since they blog have no need to be kept annonymous so… Matt, David W. Boles, Shelly, Erin, duff), those who find me interesting enough to link to me,

The not-so-obligatory personalities: My top five male celebrities, and Jon Stewart and the writing staff of The Daily Show

The objects: The roof over my head; Egyptian cotton sheets; (a $30-a-set special from Tar-jay, speaking of…) Tar-jay; Mary Kay Raisinberry lipstick; Woodchuck apple cider; my iBook; my iPod; Moe’s Southwest Grill; Bath and Body Works Cotton Blossom Hand Repair lotion, Lavendar Vanilla Bubble Bath, and Cherry Blossom Shower Gel

The intangibles: My ability to put thoughts into words in a coherent manner, having a job, being able to eat and not worry that I’ll wake up at 2 am and endure the next 12 hours with stomach pains that could occur only in the seventh level of hell, and the fact that I’ve found this incredible outlet that allows me to talk about all the useless, frivolous, random, cheesy, and sometimes depressing shit that goes on in my life.

Thanks to everyone who reads and enjoys what I’ve got to say. Happy Thanksgiving!

Now, I’m off to bed because I’ll be up at the crack of dawn with thousands of other rabid shoppers for what’s called “Black Friday” but is also known as “Bitch-If-You-Don’t-Put-That-Last-Sweater-Down-I-Will-Cut-You Day.”

Here’s to hoping I’ll live to talk about it in tomorrow’s post!


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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