Okay, Bear With Me Here

Yes, I realize after looking over my posts from the past couple of weeks, that I haven’t really “published” anything more than Random Ramblings. I promise that will be changing soon! I was looking over a short story I started a few months ago, and I plan on revising it and posting it here.

The (former) NaNo novel is still there as well. I haven’t updated it yet, but I’ve had some thoughts about it, and I think I like the direction in which I can take it.

I know that I’ve totally been neglecting my writing, but it’s easy to do this time of year. Just know that I realize what a slacker I’ve been, and I plan on correcting the situation. My ass will be in the chair soon, David! 😀


4 thoughts on “Okay, Bear With Me Here

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  1. I still think the work you do here and the big, thoughtful, comments you post on my blog count as “ass on chair.” The entries are precise and well-written and they take a lot of brain power to produce!


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