The Downward Spiral to Wackiness

Remember when Tom Cruise was simply a dreamboat sliding around a living room in socks, a button-up shirt, those cute tighy-whiteys, and a pair of awesome Ray-Bans? Ah the good old days.

Now, he’s jumping on couches, spouting Scientology dogma about the pitfalls of perfectly legitimate medical practices, and now buying a sonogram machine to do at-home ultrasounds on his pregnant fianée.

I’m seeing a pattern here. Remember when Michael Jackson was a shy guy whose only quirk was wearing one sequined glove and a jacket with 27 zippers? Then he bought this vast piece of land that he turned into an amusement park called “Neverland.” Next thing we know, he’s letting little boys sleep in his bed.

I’m not saying Tom’s going to turn in to a child molester. But don’t be surprise if the media finds one of those cute nicknames for him á la “Wacko Jacko.”


3 thoughts on “The Downward Spiral to Wackiness

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  1. Oh I couldn’t agree more. Tom should have just stuck to being cute and hunky and not tried to use his brain, which is obviously defective.

    Actually, you could say this about a lot of celebrities.


  2. Well, this is true, but really, you don’t find out about how defective most celebrities are until they do something like this. I thought that’s what publicists were for!


  3. Tom is wacked, and there’s no going back. I too wish for the days of his Top Gun, rebel attitude. I wonder if he’s worried about possibly hurting the baby with that machine. I saw an interview tonight where he said he just ‘read the manual that came with the it’ and that ‘it’s really easy to use’…
    Poor kid. Poor ‘Kate’ — I’d run while I still had the chance.


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