Holiday Baking Just Got Ten Times Easier

We were out getting groceries, and I made a fantastic discovery in the dairy section. Pilsbury now makes sugar cookie sheets so you can cut out your own shapes without having to roll out any dough! How ingenious is that!?!? Now I have no excuse to not drag down all the Christmas cookie cutters and shaker of assorted edible cookie decorations.

Hubby, however, is less than thrilled. πŸ˜€


10 thoughts on “Holiday Baking Just Got Ten Times Easier

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  1. We tried that with the pre-cut Halloween sugar cookies from the same company. They were really awful tasting. You also have tons of dough left over to “make your own shapes” which totally defeats the idea. You have been warned!


  2. do they make precut shapes for christmas cookies or just the rolled out dough? the pre made sugar cookie dough they make that you buy in a big roll is not to bad, is it????


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