Ugh… Men

Checking my “Referrers” page this morning, I discovered someone (most likley male) who found my site by searching Google for chicks making out.

It’s not that I have any problem with chicks who wanna make out. That’s their thing, and it’s none of my business, but the fact that someone visited my site looking for that kind of stuff is… bleeeghhh!

I feel like I need a shower.


11 thoughts on “Ugh… Men

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  1. speaking as a guy, “chicks making out” is definitely a penis generated thought…although i have met some girls that think with their penis even though they don’t have one.

    it’s quite the conundrum…a mystery wrapped in an riddle and layered with enigma sauce.

    jeepers..i’m hungry.


  2. Carla, if the chicks are making out with each other, doesn’t it make sense that other chicks would be interested in that? I like to believe that the hit was from one chick looking for other chicks making out.


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