Is There a Guru in the House?

Change is coming. I can feel it. It has to come. I feel stagnant, stuck, bored… a myriad of restless feelings. So many things I’m not content with. My marriage is NOT one of them, however. (So Hubby, calm down. :D)

Perhaps it’s the fact that the end of another year is here, and I feel as if I’ve accomplished nothing. I thought I’d be farther along at 33 than I am.

And I’m not patient when I make changes. I want results overnight. I know that much of myself, so trying to make myself be content with gradual successes is going to be difficult.

But I’m not even sure what goals I want to set. What do I want to accomplish? What is realistic for the short term, and what should I strive for long term?

*sigh* I might as well be asking “Why am I here?” or “What is the meaning of life?”


8 thoughts on “Is There a Guru in the House?

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  1. Haha. I found myself asking the same thing. What have I achieve for myself this year? And what’s my goal for next year? Well, actually I still haven’t achieve what I thought I could be achieving this year sooo…my goal next year is to achieve what I didn’t achieve for this year? Chioz!


  2. You sound exactly like myself.

    How about if we both try to start very
    slow, one tiny goal at a time.

    It will add up over the year,so comes 2007
    we can post very positive comments about
    our 2006 progress.



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