Am I That Boring?

I don’t live on the edge. I’m not a thrill seeker. You’re not going to read about some jetset life that I don’t have. That being said, do I have nothing interesting to say?

What prompted this is a review of this blog on BlogExplosion. I got a 49 out of 100. 49? Meaning I’m barely halfway good? The reviewer said my content “condescends a bit too much to the reader” and that this site is “a little boring for my taste.”

I understand that not everyone is going to like this site, and I’m not asking for those of you who do like my blog (because there are those of you out there who like me, right?) to bombard my profile with positive reviews. I guess I’m just kinda bummed that the first review I got is somewhat negative.

I like being conversational in my posts, as if I’m sitting around talking to my friends. Is there something I should be doing different? Is there something else you’d like to see here? (Other than the perverted searches that have brought some freaks to this site)

Honestly, give me a bit of feedback if you want, although be specific. Don’t just say that this blog sucks and then go away. That’ll just piss me off, and I’ll send you hate e-mail. 😉


9 thoughts on “Am I That Boring?

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  1. Just say the word and I’ll do things to that assclown that will make the 10 plagues of Egypt seem like a elementary school prank.

    If anyone ever wanted to know…this is God’s favorite blog.

    You should put a banner at the top of the page that reads “God is down with Sappy Chick…are you?”.

    You could use something like the following…
    And God saw that this blog was good
    Sappy Chick tested, God approved
    Sappy Chick’s Ramblings, God’s favorite blog
    Read Sappy Chick’s Ramblings…you heathen!
    “Avoid damnation, read more of Sappy Chick’s Ramblings”…God
    Voted the best blog in existence by God

    you know, something fun and catchy…you do as you feel best.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to replace someone’s nose with their genitals.


  2. This was obviously someone who has no life (or friends to talk with since they couldn’t understand the friendly conversational tone of your blog). Pay it no attention…we like you just the way you are!


  3. NO NO NO NO, not boring. Down-to-earth, real, thoughtful and funny. Some people don’t understand that real life, genuine thoughts, friendly conversation is not video-game-movie-plot-bells-and-whistles entertainment every single day.

    When kids like your reviewer grow up, they understand that still and pensive introspection and the sharing of ideas among friends isn’t boring. It’s a gift.


  4. Many will speak when thay are negitive, few when they are pleased.

    Write it off to him having had a bad pizza for lunch.

    If you get 100 reviews and over half are negitive, just focus the blog more tightly on your loyal readers.

    There are many that enjoy your style, the others don’t matter.


  5. Nah… you’re not all that boring. You have a reader from the other end of the globe, from the sunny island of Singapore. Besides, your writing is pretty interesting.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas! 🙂


  6. Don’t change a thing! Obviously, this person is not enjoying the holidays and has to rain all over everyone else. I’ve forgotten all about blogexplosion! I just like the “ping my blog” option.

    Anyway, I love your blog — don’t change a thing. Not all of us are assclowns.

    Merry Christmas!

    🙂 Shel


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