Do You Believe in Fate?

I suppose I do to a point, but these facts never fail to astound me. A little backstory: My husband and I met in 1995 when we both started working at the same company. Two years later, we started dating. A year later, we were engaged, and a year after that we were married. And the rest is history.

But before this, in 1991-92, I worked as a telemarketer for a portrait studio chain. (Yes, I’m not proud of the fact that I was one of those annoying people who interrupted your dinner to sell you a $14.95 portrait plan, but the only reason I came back to this job during college breaks was because of my supervisor. She was the sweetest boss I ever had!) My husband-to-be, meanwhile, worked right across the street at a comic book store.

Beside the store was a bridal shop. (Yeah, that’s a strange pairing!) One weekend during my senior year of college, my roommate (who was engaged) came with me to Greenville for the weekend, and we went to this store so she could look at dresses. So I came within a few feet of him, but never met him.

A few months later, I was living and going to grad school in Rock Hill and working in Charlotte, where my husband-to-be was on the verge of moving until a family emergency kept him at home. Within a year, I was back in Greenville and working for the company that he would soon be working for.

Could it really be coincidence? Sure. It’s a small world, and Greenville is a small city. But I like to believe something a little stronger was at work. šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Fate?

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  1. sounds to me like i just kept getting lucky to the point that it finally ran out and fate had caught me…stupid fate!!

    just kidding…seriously.

    no, i am kidding…honest.

    no i wouldn’t just say that to avoid sleeping on the couch for the rest of my life…i swear.

    ok, i just don’t wanna share my comics with her after the divorce. i said it…are you happy now?!?

    i think the real eye-opener here is that at some point she pissed the cosmos off to such a point it decided to keep throwing me at her until she had no choice but to accept the inevitable.


  2. I believe in fate and I believe in choices…a little of both. My story is pretty cool too as I went to college where also my best friend and her then bf went but never actually met her. We met at a job a year or 2 later and became friends. I moved to Tulsa Oklahoma but when she got engaged (and other reasons) Imoved back. 2 months later I met her recently seperated soon-to-be brother-in-law and 3 years later I’m still with him.

    Your story is really cool and really sweet.


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