A New Year

Several days ago, I lamented about my need for change — my need to accomplish something, to finish something.

On the one hand, I did finish a rough draft of the short story I was working on. I have some good feedback about that, and I’m looking to start another draft soon.

Last week, I sat down, racked my brain and perused my journal for other story ideas. The way I see it, I’ve got five short story ideas and four novel ideas. Will they actually pan out? I don’t know But my plan is to give it a shot by diving into the short stories and one of the novels.

Lofty aspirations, I know, and even loftier are the goals of having those short stories in a form I feel comfortable for sending out to try and get published and of completing a rough draft of one of the novels.

Oh, and I also plan to lose weight, save more money and get pregnant. Happy New Year! 😀


6 thoughts on “A New Year

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  1. Happy New Year, and good luck with all of your goals… I will help wherever I can, with the exception of getting you pregnant.

    Love, J


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