My Top Ten Interesting Men

David W. Boles at Visit Urban Semiotic posted a list of ten women he’d like to talk to for ten minutes. One of his commenters added that it would be interested to see what ten men would show up on a woman’s list.

I thought the idea is a good one. So I give you the ten men I’d like to spend ten minutes with (in no particular order):
1. John Cusak
2. Tom Brokaw
3. Will Ferrell
4. Jimmy Carter
5. Viggo Mortensen
6. Edwin McCain
7. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
8. Jon Stewart
9. George Clooney
10. Tom Hanks
(11. Tom Cruise — Just to wring his Scientologist neck)


10 thoughts on “My Top Ten Interesting Men

Add yours

  1. Hee… perhaps I need to check your blog out more often. 😀

    I have been reading it, though. I like it. I love the pics of you and your girlfriend. You guys look sweet together! 🙂


  2. Hi, I just found you will surfing around, I like your blog.
    I think this is a fun list and I might use it someday but if so, will link back to you of course!

    Tom Brokaw? Interesting choice for number 2


  3. Hi Layla, glad you like my site.

    With the list, it’s not really in order of whom I’d most like to talk to. Tom Brokaw just seems really interesting in the interviews I’ve seen him in – very down to Earth. I always enjoyed him as an anchor on NBC, and at times he had this very, very subtle sense of humor that came across with a simple line at the end of a quirky story that just killed me. I also find his promotion and research into the WWII generation very interesting.


  4. I really agree with Jon Stewart-I think I would rather meet him than any man or woman on the planet for a ten minute sit-down. Once in college (way back when) while on a number of drugs and drinks mixed together I thought I had figured out the meaning of life, and it all revolved around me getting to be on the daily show for an interview with Jon Stewart.
    Tom Cruise would have been #2 until last year-what a freak!


  5. Yeah, The Daily Show was pretty good before Stewart came on board, but I think he really took that show to another level. It is excellent. Hard to believe he was an MTV VJ! 😯


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