Just Some Observations… the Tales of a Formatter Edition

1. Typo of the day on an order form: “You’ve seen the movie, now read the boob!”

2. I realize that there are a lot of people who don’t speak French, so let me give you a teensy lesson. The “SVP” in “RSVP” stands for s’il vous plait, which means please. Therefore, when you say “Please RSVP,” you’re being redundant, so leave it at “RSVP” and be done with it. The test is next week; study hard.

3. Why is it that the day goes by so much more slowly when I’m cranking out easy newsletters? If I’m working on a four-pager plus a huge calendar, I’ll be done with it and two to three hours will have gone by.

4. I’m so accustomed to laying out using InDesign that it’s almost instinct now. Occasionally, the realization hits me that I’m clicking around, changing styles, moving text blocks, lining them up, placing graphics and doing countless other things as if they were all second nature. I don’t even have to think about it. I’ll just leave it at that… because that speaks volumes.


9 thoughts on “Just Some Observations… the Tales of a Formatter Edition

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  1. I used to work with a guy who used to go off when he heard someone say :

    ATM machine…Automatic Teller Machine machine
    PIN number…Personal Identification Number number

    “When I got to the Automatic Teller Machine machine I couldn’t remember my damn Personal Identification Number number.”

    God bless you Ryan Stone…wherever you may be.


  2. you realize by turning off comments on the above post you are giving all of us the silent treatment-kinda strange if you ask me-but I liked your page-have no idea what the URL is cause I got here via BlogExplosion so send me a link please. Later


  3. Well, Chris that is one way to look at it, but I figured that if I left the comments on it would seem as if I were soliciting sympathy comments, which I wasn’t trying to do. I simply wanted to state my feelings. 🙂


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