Dear TV Execs: Make a Commitment!

So I read online last night that CBS has cancelled Love Monkey. I have to admit: I didn’t watch it, but that was because it came on opposite of Scrubs. However, I was going to get around to watching it. (I desperately need TiVo, but until we can loosen the financial reigns a little, it’s a no-go)

I don’t understand the decision-making here. Love Monkey had what? Two, three episodes tops? It had decent reviews from what I’ve seen, and come on… Tom Cavanaugh — he’s awesome!

ABC pulled Emily’s Reasons Why Not after one episode, which (again) I didn’t watch it, but I heard it got terrible reviews. But ABC hyped it like crazy.

NBC cancelled Book of Daniel after one (maybe two) episodes. The show got good reviews, but the controversial topics (a Christian family that has problems, go figure) combined with a deathnail timeslot of Friday night condemned it.

Some midseason shows aren’t even getting a shot. Apparently ABC has pulled the second season of Jake in Progress before it’s even going to hit the air!

Geez, they’re making Fox look generous by giving Kitchen Confidential a whole four episodes and Arrested Development a whopping 13-episode season. That seems like a lifetime commitment now!


2 thoughts on “Dear TV Execs: Make a Commitment!

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  1. Sometimes I don’t think they give shows enough of a chance. With everything out there…and especially if you start a show midseason…views are entrenched in their habits, they have their shows. A lot of people don’t get hooked until the rerun season starts and they have time to find other shows…Alas what are we going to do…


  2. They definitely don’t give shows enough time to find an audience. But what gets me is, they have already paid for so many shows to be produced and the they never show them. WTH? If you’ve already paid actors and crew etc, etc, show the darn things! And how can a show fins an audience with 1 or 2 showings…especially if it’s a competitive night. You certainly aren’t going to leave your favorite show to ‘try out’ the newbie. That’s what summer re-runs are for. Sorry, I had to mini rant here, it’s a personal pet peeve of mine.


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