Today, I Become a Widow… Again

As I type, I’m watching the pre-show for The Great American Race… the Daytona 500… the start of the NASCAR Nextel Cup Season.

From now until mid-November on Sunday afternoons (although occasionally Saturday nights), our living room will be filled with the sounds of racecars going an average of 150 mph. This season, however, will be different from the previous ones, though, because Hubby’s chosen driver — Rusty Wallace — retired last year. Watching him watch the race won’t be the same because he’s probably not going to be on the edge of his seat near he end of the race yelling, “Come on, Rusty! Come on!”

But don’t misunderstand, this post isn’t a complaint one. I don’t really mind watching “cars drive around in a circle,” but I also don’t watch to see wrecks either. I watch because there are some exciting moments. I have found myself wincing as someone squeezed between two other cars just before going three- or four-wide in the corner.

I’ll admit that chills ran down my spine when I heard that Dale Earnhardt (Sr.) was killed in that car crash five years ago. I’ll admit that I teared up just a few months later when his son Dale Earnharndt, Jr. (mainly referred to as “Junior”) won the July race at the same track.

For this sport — and yes, I do think of it as a sport — I like to quote Hubby who says that this sport doesn’t tolerate drivers who break the law. You wouldn’t hear of a driver being connected to a murder or a sexual assault, because these drivers know that there are hundreds of people wating in line to take their place. The few drivers who have been stupid enough to fail drug tests or drive under the influence off the track were immediately pulled out of their respective cars. Kurt Busch, while not charged last year with a DUI, was taken out of his ride at the decision of the car owner and sponsor. Not even the series governing body.

There are worse vices that Hubby could have. This one is at least relatively free. At least he doesn’t play golf.

And hey, Bon Jovi’s doing a pre-race concert. How cool is that? 😀


9 thoughts on “Today, I Become a Widow… Again

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  1. talk about weird…

    for the first time since 1991 i watched a daytona 500 where i knew that no matter what happened to the #2 car i wouldn’t feel that crushing feeling of defeat.

    daytona and talladega were never rusty’s strong tracks…he normally ended up getting wrecked or ran pathetic.

    now kurt busch can drive that #2 car into the infield, hit a bus load of senior citizens and orphans, then explode in a mini mushroom cloud and i’d be completely unconcerned.

    there’s literally nothing that kurt “ears, neck, and nose” busch can do to that car or that team to make me feel bad for him.

    i actually applauded when he wrecked 10 laps from the end after running in the top 10 nearly all day.

    it means that despite all his best efforts, all his cosmetic surgery (he’s had his ears pinned back during the off-season…no, i’m NOT making that up), all the media friendly fan courting bullshit he spews, and all the bullcrap about getting a daytona 500 victory for penske racing south (which rusty was never able to do, he alluded slyly)…he’s no more capable then rusty wallace at getting the job done.

    it means that all those years i watched that #2 car suffer setback after setback at daytona it wasn’t rusty’s fault.

    nothing could’ve made me feel worse then watching kurt busch get into rusty’s car and do what rusty couldn’t accomplish in 25 years…a daytona 500 victory in kurt’s first race in the #2.

    now i can rest easy that rusty was indeed doing all he could with the equipment he was given.

    i mean if one of the “young guns” couldn’t pull off that win in the same equipment then it means rusty DID retire at the top of his game and with all guns blazing…and rusty wallace IS in truth the equal or superior to kurt busch.

    and that makes me very, very happy.


  2. LOL…I posted about Nascar a couple of days ago, however I was far more bitter than you. You seem to be not only resigned to watching Nascar every Sunday for the next nine months, but you seem to accept and enjoy it. You are a better woman than I! 😉


  3. Well, I do joke when I say I’m a NASCAR widow, because Hubby doesn’t let it run our Sunday afternoons. If there are errands to run or people to see, we’ll go; however, the race will be on the radio. 😉

    And usually, I don’t watch the whole thing. A lot of times, I fall asleep during it. 😆 Not because I think it’s boring. I believe it’s the sound of the cars running. Kinda like white noise… maybe? 😉


  4. Did someone say Bon Jovi? (Sorry to skip past the meat of the post, I’m not intending to. I like racing – race car drivers rank right up there with firemen in my book – HOT, lol)

    Have you heard Bon Jovi’s newest album, Have a Nice Day? Yum. *grin*


  5. Oh, that’s okay, Karen. I was just as excited about the pre-race concert than the actual race! 😀

    And I’ve heard parts of Have a Nice Day. I bought the title track and “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?” off of iTunes. They performed both of those songs on Sunday, and for the latter of the two they brought out Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland who sings on the album track. I liked seeing that because their voices mesh well together. The whole thing just rocked anyway!

    Bon Jovi was here in Greenville about a week and a half ago, but I didn’t have the money for tickets. 😥

    Oh well.


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