I Said No More Search Parties!

Just wanted to say I’m still alive. I’ve been battling a stomach virus all week, but I think it’s all under control now. *knocks vigorously on wood* I’ll be back tomorrow with some witty goodness, I promise.


3 thoughts on “I Said No More Search Parties!

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  1. Ugh, Carla, I hope you’re feeling better. But you know, there’s a silver lining it’s a great kick for losing weight. I lost 6 lbs when I had the flu, which was great because it took 6 days to get strong ewnough again to be able to workout. *Hugs!*


  2. Thanks guys! 😀

    I’m getting better as the day goes on. The more fluids, the better! 😉

    I just gave myself until tomorrow to post something because I’ve got plans with my brother and his significant other tonight.


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