Stepping Where I Haven’t Stepped Before

I’ve never really spoken out about anything political on my site before. I talk a lot about me. I talk about some entertainment/celebrity stuff. Mainly I stay out of it because I don’t want a bunch of arguing going on in the comment section, which is why I’ve decided to turn the comments off on this post.

Call me chicken. Call me liberal. Call me whatever you want for not letting the other side speak about this subject on this site, but you know what? You’ll have to talk about it on your own site.

Over the past few days, I’ve just been infuriated by this. This governing body of people who have deemed themselves worthy of telling women in their borders that they have no control over their bodies. I’m livid that these idiots are violating women and saying it’s the moral duty to do so.

How dare you sit in your plushly furnished office or stand in front of your mahogany podium and talk about the best interest of the most vulnerable and most helpless of citizens. You are merely waving your pricks around in a bid to go down in history as the persons responsible for challenging the second most important law in women’s rights — the first being women’s right to vote, but I guess you’re still regretting that one aren’t you?

Oh, but I’ve heard that pregnancy is rare among rape and incest victims. Really? Tell that to her (who was impregnated by her stepfather not once but twice) or her. Tell that to a 14-year-old girl who must spend the better part of a year of her life carrying the result of a despicable act done by a relative, a life that could have enough physical problems to render it unlovable.

Oh, but there are so many parents who can’t have kids and would want to adopt. Sure, and that’s great, but what about the ones who get sent to foster homes where so many other children live that no one is able to give enough attention to them all? Or what about the horrible reality that sometimes they are sent to homes where they suffer year after year with adults who should never be left alone with a child because our child welfare system is broken?

And God help the single mother who — once that life comes into the world — can’t bare to part with him or her, because then the same people who stand on their soapboxes and blather on about saving the innocent ones are the holier-than-thous who turn around and point their fingers at the single mother who needs help, saying that she should have kept her legs crossed. There’s a good Christian for you.

I know there must be women out there who have had abortions and live with regret and guilt, and I am truly sorry that they live with that. I don’t pretend to know how you must feel. While I have never been pregnant, I can say that the times where I was concered that I was pregnant, abortion never entered my mind. I’ve known that for me the only time when I would consider the procedure is if it happened as the result of rape.

However, I totally resent the fact that a bunch of men, who have the ability to CHOOSE whether or not to simply walk away from the burden of an unwanted pregnancy, are telling women that we can no longer make that choice. It is, quite simply, a load of crap and no one should stand for it.

That’s my opinion. I haven’t stated it as eloquently as some, but hopefully, I haven’t sounded like a raving lunatic. I know I’ve pissed some people off, but as I said at the beginning of this post, I’m not discussing this. Comments are off, and even if one is sent referring to this entry on another post, the moderation will catch it, and I will delete it. That goes for ALL comments on this subject — agree or disagree.

Hopefully, I haven’t alienated some of you who come by here regularly, but if I have, I’m not taking back anything I said. Their my feelings, and I couldn’t go another day without expressing them.

That’s it. I’m done.


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