Not an Original Bone in My Body

I stole this from Sarcomical, although she encouraged us to do our own! šŸ˜‰ I extend the challenge on to those of you who wish to do the same.

FAVORITE TV MOM: Maggie Seaver
FAVORITE TV DAD: Tony can’t remember his last name on Who’s the Boss?
RUNNER UP: Hurley (does he count as a nerd?) on Lost
FAVORITE SHOW, NOSTALIGIC: Who’s the Boss?, Growing Pains, Little House on the Prairie
FAVORITE SHOW, EVER AND EVER, TLA: Alias, because it’s the first show I’ve ever gone fanatic over ā€” looking for spoilers and such.
VERY CLOSE RUNNER UP: Lost ā€” could surpass Alias in a couple of seasons
CHARACTER I KINDA WANTED TO BE: Any of Mike Seavers girlfriends on Growing Pains ā€” SHUT UP! He was such a cutie.
CHARACTER I REALLY WANT TO BE: Sydney on Alias ā€” to be able to kick butt, look awesome and be pregnant… wow! šŸ˜‰
BEST TV HOUSE: The house on Party of Five ā€” I love that style of San Fran homes.
BEST ROMANCE: Sydney and Vaughn on Alias
BEST FINALE EPISODE I CAN REMEMBER: Actually, I’d say Frasier ā€” that was a smart, funny show that I didn’t watch often enough.
FAVORITE EPISODE EVER: “Almost Two Years,” the second season finale of Alias
RUNNER UP: The episode of Lost where you find out that Locke was parapalegic until the plane crash ā€” that was the first WOW moment of that show, in my opinion anyway.
FAVORITE RANDOM LINES: “I’m trying to have add some more fun in my life,” Jack on Alias. “For $50, I’d put my face in their soup and blow,” George on Seinfeld. “If someone tries to kill you, you try to kill them right back,” Mal on Firefly (How I wish that show would come back!)
BEST CHEMISTRY: Sydney and Vaughn on Alias (runner up: Sawyer and Kate on Lost)
BEST DREAM GUY: Again, Vaughn (see the pattern here?)
BEST DREAM GIRL: If I were a guy, I’d say Sydney on Alias (hey, Hubby lusts after her anyway)
SUPER FANTASTIC BESTEST MOST GREATEST THING EVER: When they brought Irina Derevko back to Alias


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  1. Well, Tony Danza is his real name. I just couldn’t remember what his last name was on the show…

    Wait a minute, I think it was Micelli? šŸ˜•


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