12 of 12: March Edition

It’s that time again boys and girls! Chad Darnell’s fabulous meme called 12 of 12. On the 12th of each month, take 12 pics throughout your day and post them for all to see. Here’s what my March 12th looked like:

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12:57 am Bedroom —
Just getting to bed. No, no late night parties. I took a long nap this afternoon, and that always keeps me up.

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9:00 am Bedroom —
Up and showered and just finished putting this on my legs. So what if it’s supposed to be hand cream. It’s also excellent for feet!

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9:24 am Bedroom —
Checking today’s forecast. We’ve had no patchy fog, but a high of 82!? 😯 It’s coming down later this week though.

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10:00 pm Entrance/Exit of Subdivision —
Here’s where I live: Maple Grove. On my way to pick up my friend Nicole for a trek downtown to the park and for coffee.

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10:30(ish) am Falls Park —
They redesigned this park a couple of years ago. I’m standing on a pedestrian bridge overlooking the Reedy River. You’re getting a view of the southside of downtown Greenville. Don’t you feel special?

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10:35(ish) am Still in Falls Park —
A look up at the Liberty Bridge where we just were.

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11:20 am Saffron’s —
Turns out the coffee place close to the park was closed. Sacrilege! So we walked a little farther down Main Street to Saffron’s. It’s been forever since I’ve even eaten downtown, and I’d never been here before. But the grilled chicken salad was ever so tasty. And that was sweet tea in my glass, not Pepsi. Actually, if we’d gone for coffee, I would’ve had some sort of iced/blended creation. I don’t drink hot beverages when the temperature goes above 50 degrees.

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2:10 pm Bedroom —
The obligatory Domino pic

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3:30 pm Bedroom —
Admiring my monthly manicure (Sally Hansen Honeymoon Red). By the way, I did the manicure in the living room. I haven’t spent the entire day in the bedroom!

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5:00 pm Living Room —
Ready to go out to dinner. Have I said lately how much I love sandal weather? Oh, yeah, I have.

Image hosting by Photobucket
7:00 pm Lieu’s Chinese Bistro —
Yes, I know. We went there last month, but this time it was a family thing for Hubby’s and my brother’s birthdays, which are both this week!

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7:30 pm Bedroom —
Oh shut up about the bedroom already. I’m finishing up this 12 of 12 post! 😀

So that’s it — my day in 12 pictures. There are more of downtown Greenville on my Flickr site (see Sappy Chick Links). And if you wanna see previous 12 of 12s, here are January’s and February’s. Can’t wait to see everyone else’s!


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