Writing Prompt: You Have Stayed Too Long

I’ve learned how dangerous feeling comfortable can be.

I found a niche, and I clicked myself into place. I belonged there; I knew it. I was doing what I have known all my life I was meant to do, and I settled in. I could handle this. I could thrive, and I did thrive. My writing got better. I buried myself into researching and composing and editing.

I had a brief period when I thought that maybe I should leave. Maybe I was ready to move on. No, I thought, This feels good. This feels safe.

Being comfortable and relaxed blinded me to what was going on. I didn’t notice whispers, rumors, and groups gathering. I thought I couldn’t be touched. I was wrong.

Becuase I stayed too long, they knew what else I could do. They knew I was capable of the monotonous tasks I’d done before. I could do repetitive, and I was good at that too. So the comfort was taken away from me.

Now I choke and smother on the trite. I scour for ways to release the creativity. I gag on New Age business dogma as they try to force it down my throat. I abhor the thought of making their bottom line soar. I make no difference anymore.

I have stayed too long.


One thought on “Writing Prompt: You Have Stayed Too Long

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  1. I am not sure what you are referring to specifically, but I can related to the dangers of being too comfortable.

    We constantly have to question and doubt ourselves to improve the bottomline. People get used to a certain standard, and then they demand that standrad, and finally they ask for more.

    This reminds me of a Star Trek episode where the engineer said that whenever the captain asked him how long it would take him to fix something, he would always exaggerate the hardship and the amount of time. So, when he finisheedahead of time, it seemed that he had accomplished a miracle.


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