Thirteen Things I Hate to Do

Thirteen Things I Hate to Do

1. Go to the dentist *cringes* which is probably why I haven’t been in years. I know, I’m terrible.
2. Get up early
3. Do housework 👿
4. Start things I can’t finish — so most times I don’t start them! 😀
5. Go to the mall “just to look around.” What’s the point of seeing all the beautiful stuff I could buy if I had the money?!
6. Have my yearly pap smear *cringes*
7. Wait for Alias to come back from hiatus
8. Clean hair out of the bathtub drain — ewwwww!
9. Buy tampons at the store when the cashier is a guy. WHY does that always seem to happen?
10. Get back to the office with takeout only to find that they’ve put the wrong (or left out) the dressing for my salad!
11. See a movie at the theater and not have popcorn. It’s not just about the food; it completes the experience.
12. Pay for concert tickets. I will do so for artists I REALLY want to see, but I don’t go to a lot of concerts because I just can’t justify the expense for one night that will not stay in your memory forever.
13. Pick an idea for a meme and realize more than halfway through that it was perhaps not the best idea for little planning but be too stubborn to change it.

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11 thoughts on “Thirteen Things I Hate to Do

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  1. Yep, same here. “Pap Smear” and I’m squirming in my chair. lol

    I absolutely agree with each and every item on your list (and yes, I hate getting 3/4 way through TT only to realize, “this sucks!” lol)

    And the whole tampon/guy cashier thing? I’ve been known to gather my stuff and move to a female cashier line. lol


  2. I agree with SO many of these! Especially the part about going to the mall. When I say I don’t want to go because I don’t want to buy anything, people say, “Well, then don’t buy anything. Just look.” But my reply is always, “What’s the point? It’ll only make me sad and frustrated, and I’ll probably end up buying something anyway.” Good thing there’s no blog within an hour and a half of where we live now! Also agree with 1, 2, 3… 🙂


  3. I came to a startling realization today. I think that you would make an awesome mother. You just really seem like you would. Sorry if this offends you. I just thought you might want to no.


  4. unedited girl — um, well, I’m actually quite flattered. The plan is to hopefully be a mom in the next year or two, so I’m glad you thing so! 😀


  5. Hey Again,
    I noticed in your activities page that you watched Walk the Line. What did you think. I am an avid Johnny Cash fan so I like to no. I enoyed the mvie alot and think it tis one of those movies that are right up there with the Lion King, you can watch it over and over again.


  6. Hi unedited girl,

    I enjoyed Walk the Line. We bought the DVD a couple of weeks ago. I thought the performances were stronger than the story, though. I think I wanted a deeper look at Johnny’s past before the recording contract.

    But it was nice to see the connection between him and June Carter. I believe they were truly soulmates.


  7. I also enjoyed the movie but hought that they could have included more of their life after the proposal and such. The proformences were wonderful, but I agree, did hide the story. I was particulary hard for me to watch, because I found myself critiqing every second. I have read the biography on which the movie was based and found some startling differences and some important parts that were left out.
    I was though, one of the most beautiful love stories ever. SOULMATES is an awesome word. Alot of people say the only reason Johnny died so quickly after June was because he couldn’t live with out her.
    Those were some catchy tunes though, don’t you think! Thanks for your time.


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