Whole Lot of Writing Going On

That’s WRITE! Bwah-hahahahahahahahahaha!

Sorry, had to use it. No, really, I did.

The past couple of weeks there’s been this sort of burst of writing opportunities for me, which is definitely awesome. I’ve been a member of First Drafts writing prompt blog for a few months now, but just recently, I’ve actually been productive enough to go over there and post!

Now, I’ve volunteered to contribute to two other blogs — David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic and Write Stuff. The latter of the two starts up next week.

In addition to that, I’ve latched on to an exciting opportunity to work on a script for an animated series/movie that a couple of former coworkers are also part of.

But don’t worry, I will do my best to be here almost daily with wonderfully witty gems to make your day. HA!


2 thoughts on “Whole Lot of Writing Going On

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  1. I THOUGHT I saw you over there – I had to blink to see if I was reading it right – David B is awesome – so cool that you did a guest blog over there!!!


  2. Yeah! I’ve been commenting over there since last summer! (Hard to believe it’s been that long) So when he opened up the opportunity for multiple authors, I jumped at the chance! 😀


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