Tonight’s Movie Theater Experience

I went to see V for Vendetta (awesome flick, I’m hoping to have a review posted on Fluff in the next day or so — yes, that would make a fourth blog I’m contributing to) tonight with Hubby and some friends.

The theater we went to used to be owned by Carmike Cinemas, then it was closed down, and now it’s reopened under local management — read local guys with way too money on their hands. Camelot Cinemas (as it was called in its heyday) now boasts the largest THX theater in the state as well as one of the few digital projectors in the country.

Here’s what bugged me about tonight. V for Vendetta, a movie that seems to be an action flick — although Hubby quickly corrected me that it’s not — would be a great choice to put in the large THX theater with digital picture. After all, it’s opening in IMAX; surely it’s in digital format.

Oh, you’d think that, but you’d be wrong. You know what the Camelot put in the big digital theater? The Shaggy freakin’ Dog.

And the previews? There was only one… for Poseidon. Thats right, a remake of The Poseidon Adventure remake, starring Aaron Eckhart, Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss, Mia Maestro (go, Nadia from Alias!). ONLY ONE PREVIEW! WTF?

Oh and despite how great V for Vendetta was, the line of the night goes to one of my friends who asked after the Poseidon trailer, “Why is the ocean chlorinated?”


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  1. I know; they are idiots. There are two other theaters in Greenville, but one is overrun with teeny-boppers whose parents drop them off and pick them up and the other is overrun with rednecks that talk through the whole movie.

    I like this theater because it’s owned by local people, not a chain. It’s just that they do some stupid things sometimes. 👿


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